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Below you will find some basic FAQs and information on warranties and extended warranties in the US.

What is a Warranty?

When you purchase a good such as a hairdryer, fridge or car the product will have a warranty on it. This is similar to an insurance policy in that it provides a level of financial protection against the risk that the product could break or require a repair.

Most warranties last between 1 and 3 years, after which time you must pay for repair or replacement out of your own pocket. In other words, the manufacturer will no longer cover the financial costs.

Does a Warranty Cover all Types of Damages?

No. A warranty will only cover a certain type or level of product malfunction in other words, it covers the product under the conditions of ordinary use. Warranties usually do not cover:

  • Abuse by the owner
  • Malicious intent (deliberate destruction by the owner)
  • "Acts of God"
  • Commercial use
  • Anything other than normal mechanical failure
  • Parts that wear out
  • Parts that should be replaced regularly (such as tires on a vehicle)

Is a Warranty an Insurance Policy?

No. It is merely a contract that covers payment for repairs or replacement of a product.

What is the Difference between a Warranty and an Extended Warranty?

A warranty is the initial warranty that manufacturers provide with a product (such a vehicle). This carries a set time period after which it expires. An extended warranty is an optional additional warranty that you can receive from an independent warranty provide (not the manufacturer) which provides an extended period of your warranty.

Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Getting an extended warranty is a similar act to getting insurance. In doing so you are taking a precaution against the risk of damage. Like an insurance policy you are providing yourself with a level of protection in case something goes wrong. By getting an extended warranty you are taking the first step before something goes wrong.

Whether or not you need an extended warranty is therefore up to you it is your personal choice whether you decide to give yourself additional financial protection.

What Additional Benefits are Offered?

This depends. Many providers of extended warranties offer extra perks such as roadside assistance on a car warranty. You may also receive a benefit like car rental if your car requires repairs. Before you sign up with an extended warranty provider, check to see what their extra benefits are (if any).

What is Deductible?

Deductible is the amount that you pay on repairs of your product. This is very similar to insurance you pay an amount towards the repair while the warranty provider pays the remaining value. For instance your deductible could be $100. So if your product requires a repair you pay that first $100 and the warranty provider will pay the difference. If the total repair costs total at $1,000 then the warranty provider will pay $900 while you pay $100.


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