Electronic Warranty (Appliance Warranty)
Electronicwarranty.com offers better extended warranties for less. They provide more warranties coverage than in-store plans, including mechanical, electrical and surge protection failure, 100% parts and labour, no deductibles and much more. A benefits of enrolling with ElectronicWarranty. com is that you can store any purchase receipts in MyWarrantyDrawer—your private electronic file drawer. You can send your receipts online or in the mail and they will electronically store them for you.
Location: USA
1. Superior savings without sacrificing quality
2. High quality provider you can trust
3. Broad Coverage with no hassle 24/7 claims
4. Transfer or cancel your warranty anytime
1. You will be required to provide a copy of your original purchase receipt when you want to make a claim.
2. The price for each service plan varies by category and purchase price.
Buy direct and 50%

Warrranty Name: Up to 4 years
Warrranty Cost: Save up to 50%
Warrranty Detail:
1. Television Warranty
2. Refrigerator Warranty
3. Laptop Warranty
4. Appliance Warranty
5. Computer Warranty
6. General Electronics Warranty

Product Type: Electronics
Product Price: Dependent on product
Product Detail:
1. TV's
2. iPods/MP3's
3. Camera's and camcorders.
4. Computers
5. Home video and audio
6. Car video and audio
7. Gaming systems

Application Methods: Online

For more coverage than in-store plans
Item must be within 90 days of date of purchase.
The total amount that We will pay for repairs made in connection with all claims shall not exceed the purchase price of the product, less taxes.
Electronic Warranty (Which Way To Pay - 12/1/2011)
Electronic Warranty is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

5 Star Rating

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Electronic Warranty
Electronic Warranty