CU Student Loans (Student Loan)
cuStudentLoans is a leading private student loan program that is comprised of over 100 not-for-profit credit unions nationwide. The program, which includes the EdAccess Private Student Loan and the EdSucceed Private Student Loan Consolidation, provides competitive alternative loan and refinancing options for students and recent graduates. Want Help Paying for College? Their Not-For-Profit Credit Unions Are Here To Help. It's easy to become a credit union member and get a great low rate on a private student loan.
Location: UK
Lender/Broker: Broker
1. Simplify Your Finances with one easy monthly payment
2. Lower Payment and Competitive Rate up to 4 years for eligible borrowers followed by 11 years of principal + interest repayment
3. Cosigner Release Availableafter 12 consecutive on-time principal & interest payments
4. Interest-Only Repayment Option
1. You should check out all other forms of finanial aid as you will need to pay back the student loan.
Fast pre-approval once they receive your completed application

APR: 2% - 8%Loan Amount: $2,000 - $30,000
Min Term: VariesMax Term: Varies

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Student Loans Info:
EdAccess and EdSucceed
Terms and Conditions:
Your can cancel the loan within 30 days of approval date and you owe no fees and no interest
We encourage you to start early. Once you know what school you will be attending and are able to provide proof of enrollment, such as a letter of acceptance or a tuition bill, you start the loan application process.
For students and graduates
You must provide proof of enrollment at an eligible school within the cuStudentLoans program to complete the application process.
CU Student Loans (Which Way To Pay - 24/8/2011)
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4 Star Rating

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