Students are in their final few years before a career begins a great time to start building up a credit report and making sure that when you do graduate you will be taken seriously by banks and lenders.


Student Credit Cards

There are lots of student credit cards on the American market, and aside from being aimed at students they have exactly the same features as regular credit cards:

  • Chip and pin security
  • Credit limit
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Introductory offers
  • Interest rate

Annual fees do not always apply check card offers for details.

Building up credit is essential for financial freedom in the future, yet this does require good management of your student credit card. Get caught behind on your card payments and you could end up damaging your credit. Loans including car loans and home loans could be denied in future if you have a damaged credit score. Make sure you have considered student credit cards carefully before you apply.

Tips to Managing Student Credit Cards:

  • Use your credit wisely
  • Pay off more than the minimum balance each month
  • Familiarize yourself with your card limit / card terms

You can use a student credit card to educate yourself about credit and how best to manage your finances.

Making a Finance Plan

Before you begin your studies, make sure you sit down and plan your finances carefully. You will need money to pay for all kinds of expenses for your rent, phone and other bills, auto insurance, study material, tuition, field trips, groceries, clothes, entertainment. Then you will need to determine your various sources of money your parents, a student loan, a job (if you have time), scholarship.

Don't forget to save where you can! The earlier you start to save money, the more you have aside when you really need it.

For general information on credit cards, visit our area on Credit Cards in the Info Library.


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