Ally (Certificate Of Deposit)
A certificate of Deposit or CD is a time deposit, a financial product commonly offered to consumers by banks. Maximize your earnings with Ally Bank. Open a CD now with a $0 deposit, no monthly fees, daily compounded interest for maximum earnings, and automatic renewal at maturity. What's more, Ally Bank customers may withdraw and receive earned interest as income. CDs are FDIC-insured. There is no minimum deposit and they grow your money faster by compounding interest daily. Many others compound monthly or annually.
Location: USA
Account Name: Ally Certificate of Deposit
1.There is no minimum deposit
2.The rate of interest is higher than an average standard account
3.Fixed rate terms from three months to sixty months and a two year Raise Your Rate Certificate of Deposit that lets you raise your rate once during your term if their rates go up
1.Your money must remain in the account for a fixed term
2.There are penalties if money is withdrawn early 3. You cannot add money to an account which is maturing
1.High APY
2.Insured Account
Ally Bank Rates
Duration    APY
3 months     0.29%
6 months     0.61%
9 months     0.65%
12months    0.94%
18months    0.94%
2 years        1.08%
3 years        1.19%
4 years        1.30%
5 years        1.54%
11 month no penalty CD 0.86%
Online Savings Account 0.84%
Money Market Account 0.84%
last updated 18/4/13

Interest APY: 0.94%Interest Gross: See Website For Details
Interest Paid: MaturityMinimum Income: Nil
Overdraft Rate: N/A
Banking Charges: See Website For Details
Service Charges: See Website For Details
Account Access: Online
Withdrawal Access: Fixed Terms

Free Banking: NoDebit Card: No
Cheque Guarantee Card: NoStanding Orders: No
Direct Debits: NoOverdraft Facility: No
Account Manager: No

Certificate of Deposit
They offer three types of CD
1.A High Yield Certificate of Deposit with fixed rate terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36, 48, and 60 months
2.A 2 year Raise Your Rate Certificate of Deposit that lets you raise your rate once during your term if their rates go up 
3.No Penalty Certificate of Deposit with a 11 month term that allows a no fee early withdrawal.
Introductions and Offers:
With the Ally Ten Day Best Rate Guarantee, you get the option of a higher rate. Most banks offer only one the one you get the day you fund.
Terms and Conditions:
Investment term of 3 months minimum
Ally Certificate of Deposit (Which Way To Pay - 14/1/2011)
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3 Star Rating

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