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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have become very popular to Americans who want an alternative to normal credit cards. Issued by the main credit card firms (including Visa® and MasterCard®), there are many types of prepaid cards, including reloadable cards, gift cards and reward cards.

What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards look like normal credit cards, with all the usual features: signature strip, long card number, credit card issuer logo…but unlike regular credit or debit cards, there is no danger of falling into debt with a prepaid card. This is because a prepaid card does not carry a borrowing facility or an overdraft - the money on the card has been loaded by yourself. Once you have topped up the card you can enjoy acceptance just like a credit card – in stores, restaurants, online and worldwide. When the funds have run out, it is up to you alone to reload the card.

What About my Credit Score?

When you apply for a prepaid card you will not be subject to a credit check from the issuer. They won't even require that you have a prior bank account – the money on the card is your own so there is no risk to the issuer. This makes prepaid cards perfect for low credit borrowers or anyone who has problems getting a credit card or simply wants to avoid the danger of debt.

Are Prepaid Cards Safe?

Prepaid cards are very convenient and safe to use – even safer than using cash! If your card gets stolen or lost, you can order a new one immediately. Any unused funds that were on the card will be restored. If you lose cash it is gone forever! Additionally by using a prepaid card you can record your purchases in stores and retailers so if there is any dispute you have evidence of the purchase.


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