UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Pay As You Go Prepaid Card)Amex Card
The UPside Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid reloadable debit card with no credit check needed to obtain the card and no activation fee. There is a low $0.99 monthly fee if you load $500 in the month, and the regular monthly fee is $2.99 otherwise. You can receive free direct deposits from your employer or benefit provider, or you can also load cash at 50,000 retailers nationwide.
1. Free Direct Deposit
2. Cash Loads at 50,000 retailers nationwide
3. 24-7 Real-Time Transactions Tracking
4. Online Check Writing Service to pay rent or other bills (UPside mails the check on behalf of the cardholder)
5. Cell Phone Refill Service
6. Card-to-Card Transfers
7. Cash Back Rewards
1. Contacting Customer Service $2.99 for phone inquiries.
1. Earn 500 points when activating your card online
2. Earn 1000 points when you sign-up for direct deposit
3. Earn points worth up to 15% in cash back when shopping online at leading online retailers through the UPside mall
4. Earn 5 points per dollar spent on cell phone refills

Card Cost: $0
Replacement Cost: $9.95
Monthly Fee: $2.99
Max Balance: $10,000
Purchase Fee: $0.00
Purchase Fee (INT):
ATM Fee: $1.70
ATM Fee (INT):
Cash Advance Fee:
Cash Advance Fee (INT):
FX Fee: 2%

Under 18: No
SMS Banking: Yes
Money Share: No
Pay As You Go: Yes

Top Up Methods:

From Direct Deposit
From a Bank Account
At Retailers Nationwide
From the UPside online account, you can also write checks online, add minutes to a prepaid cell phone, check your cash back points balance and more

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