Public Savings Bank (Poor Credit Rating Card)Visa Card
Public Savings Bank OPEN SKY Secured Visa Credit Card is an excellent way to establish a positive credit history and designed especially for people with no credit history, or who have current and past credit problems. Your payment history is reported to the three major credit bureaus so that you can begin to establish your credit. It is a bad credit credit card.
1. Prime plus 11% variable APR Not an introductory rate
2. No checking account required
3. No upfront or monthly fees. Just a flat $50 annual fee
4. Build credit history with all three major credit bureaus
5. Your credit is not a factor!
6. We report to the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian
7. Lifetime credit lines up to $5,000
8. Free fraud protection against unauthorized use
9. No penalty APR
10. Build credit history
11. Real Visa credit card Not a prepaid or debit card
1. APR=14.25% (Prime + 11%) for all transactions
2. Minimum Payment= 2% of the New Balance or $25; whichever is greater
3. Rush/Expedited Card Fee= $50
4. FREE electronic Billing Statements
5. Paper Statement Fee= $3 month; this fee will be waived for the first two billing cycles, however, it can be avoided by selecting to suppress paper statements.
1. They will not charge you interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.
2. Secured credit cards build credit history and have no transactional or monthly fees

APR: 14.25%Credit Limit: $200 - $3000
Credit Rebuild: YesChip and Pin: No
Under 18: NoSMS Banking: No

$50 p.a.
Cash Back:
Cash Advances:
10.99% (6 months) 18.00%
Balance Transfer:
New Purchase:

Public Savings Bank (Which Way To Pay - 17/5/2011)
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3 Star Rating

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