Great Plain Lending (Personal Loan)
An instalment loan from Great Plains Lending is a great emergency cash option. Get up to $500 on Your First Loan and even more at lower rates on future loans. They offer from $200 to $500 for your first loan, and up to $1,000 on subsequent loans. With Great Plains Loans, you’ll repay your loan with easy affordable instalment payments.
Location: USA
Lender/Broker: Lender
1. Apply Online. Our application is quick, easy, and 100% confidential.
2. Get an answer in seconds*. No waiting. No worrying. You'll know your approved loan amount in a matter of seconds.
3. See cash in your account as soon as tomorrow. If you are approved, we will deposit your loan funds as early as the next business day (for transactions completed by 6 PM ET). Applications received after 6 PM ET are processed the following business day.
4. As opposed to traditional banks, at Great Plains Lending, we give you the choice to pay off your loan over several installments, or all at one time (without penalties, of course).
1. Please note: This is an expensive form of credit. Great Plains loans are designed to help you meet your short-term borrowing needs. Appropriate emergencies might be a car repair, medical care for you or your family, or travel expenses in connection with your job. This service is not intended to provide a solution for longer-term credit or other financial needs. Alternative forms of credit may be less expensive and more suitable for your financial needs. Alternative sources you could consider include: a credit card cash advance; personal loans; home equity line of credit; existing savings; or borrowing from a friend or relative.
On average, our rates are 27%1 lower than payday loans. Plus, with a successful payment record* you’ll be eligible for even lower rates on future loans.

APR: 324.11% - 448.78%Loan Amount: Up to $1000
Min Term: 2 WeeksMax Term: 24 Weeks

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Terms and Conditions:
You have to be at least 18 years old (19 if residing in AL or NE) and have a job, a valid e-mail address, a checking account in good standing.
Initially personal details.
Emergency cash needs
You have to be at least 18 years old (19 if residing in AL or NE)
Great Plains Lending (Which Way To Pay - 1/12/2011)
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3 Star Rating

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