Mobile Cash Source (Payday Loan) specializes in short-term lending, providing the cash needed to meet an immediate short-term cash flow problem. Experience the future! Your Mobile phone will replace your wallet and credit cards when you has contracts with independent lenders who will approve the loan and amount at their own discretion. will present your application to one or more contracted independent lenders who will approve (or decline) the loan and amount at their own discretion, and may perform a credit check or otherwise verify your personal information.
Location: USA
Lender/Broker: Broker
Let your movile phone replace your wallet and credit card:
1. Funds can be transferred directly into your bank account
2. To keep up with bills, a payday advance is usually cheper than paying late fees
3. Applying for a cash advance is easy. Our lenders are open 24 hours a day to get you the cash you need.
4. You can get the money you need for medical emergencies or just help make ends meet.
5. You could get up to $1000 from many of our lenders overnight.
6. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes you need a little extra cash to make it through the week.
1. It is not a solution for long term financial problems for which long term financing may be more appropriate
1. Mobile Phone Payday Loans

APR: VariesLoan Amount: $100 - $1,500
Min Term: 1 dayMax Term: 2 weeks

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

1. AK
2. AL
3. AR
4. AZ
5. CA
6. CO
7. CT
8. DC
9. DC
10. DE
11. FL
12. GA
13. HI
14. ID
15. IL
16. IN
17. IA
18. KS
19. KY
20. LA
21. MD
22. ME
23. MI
24. MN
25. MO
26. MS
27. MT
28. NC
29. ND
30. NE
31. NH
32. NJ
33. NM
34. NV
35. NY
36. OH
37. OK
38. OK
39. OR
40. PA
41. RI
42. SC
43. SD
44. TN
45. TX
46. UT
47. VT
48. VA
49. WA
50. WI
51. WV
52. WY
Terms and Conditions:
1. You must have a job (or a regular source of income)
2. You must have a bank account.
3. You must be atleast 18 years of age.
Driverís License/State ID and Social Security Number
Emergency Cash Needs
1. You must be employed and been working for atleast 3 months
2. You must be 18 years or older
3. You must have a phone
Mobile Cash Source (Which Way To Pay - 25/1/2012)
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