Get 4Closure Help (Mortgage Modification Loan)
If you are facing Forclosure and are looking for a mortgage loan Modification then Get4Closure is there to negotiate a deal for you. They work with your lender to see whether they can reduce your interest rate and modify your loan so that you can keep on top of your finances. Get4Closure pride themselves of taking on nearly all applications, whether or not you have a bad credit rating and they will try to get you a mortgage loan modification. They serve their clients in a relationship-oriented, trustworthy homeownership manner.
Location: USA
Lender/Broker: Lender
1. With by negotiating a Loan Modification you can lower your monthly mortgage payments.
2. The teams specialists deal directly with your lender on your behalf.
3. Secure and Confidential Service.
4. Accepting of nearly all credit situations.
5. Long time experience in Loan Modifications.
6. Free consultation.
7. Superior service for customers and professional counselling advice.
1. You are not guaranteed to be helped after your free consultation.
2. Only 90% success rate so no real guarantee
3. No cost details given on homepage. You must apply to find out service costs.
1.Save up to 90% off your legal costs.
2.Fast and easy online application service.
3.Free consultation.

APR: 4% - 11%
Loan Amount: $80,000 - $2,000,000
Outstanding Balance: Up to $1,000,000
Home Details: Single Family, Condo, Multi-Unit Property
Costs: Find Out On Application

Terms and Conditions:
You must be a homeowner.
Initially personal details
Suitable for those who are either looking to change the terms of their loan or those who are falling behind on mortgage loan repayments.
You must be a qualified homeowner.
GET 4CLOSURE HELP (Which Way To Pay - 3/9/2010)
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Get 4Closure Help
Get 4Closure Help