Welcome to our Money area. Whether you are looking for a safe way of storing your money or even if you are having trouble with mounting debts there are numerous products available which can improve your financial well being. If you want to check your credit score then there are tools availble to help you. Get the best deals and more out of your money by unleashing its full potential.


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Here you can find money products for everyday life, including services that help you to manage your debts, bank accounts (checking and savings accounts) and credit reports view your report and prevent identity fraud from entering your life.

Debt Management

Do you have debts that are spiraling out of control? Living in fear of the creditor's knock at the door? You are not alone millions of Americans are living in debt. But rather than bury your head in the sand, you can get help today with a debt management plan (DMP).

Debt management companies specialize in helping people regain control of their life with a debt plan. Debt management services could also offer debt consolidation loans or creditor agreements. Many debt management companies can even offer to help you write off a large chunk of your debts. Whether you are just looking for counseling or a full debt payment plan, help is at hand.

Credit Reports / Credit Reporting Agencies

As soon as you apply for your first loan or credit, your credit report is created. Compiled and held by the main credit bureaus in the States, your credit report will be reviewed by lenders, banks and other financial institutions any time you apply for credit, seek extensions on existing loans or fall into debt.

Many people are turned down for a loan application because their credit report shows poor behaviour on past loans or bad management of your personal finances. The more credit applications you make, the more your credit file will be affected in a negative way.

Now you can access your own report, helping you to manage your credit record and improve future chances of being accepted for a credit application, with credit reporting agencies. Credit bureaus offer a service for people to view their own credit report, request errors to be corrected and prevent ID fraud.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a real and constant danger for ordinary Americans all over the country. By appropriating your personally identifiable information, a criminal can commit fraud or theft without you even being aware that it has happened. The Federal Trade Commission warns US citizens that by gaining access to your credit card number, Social Security number or checking account details, identity fraud takes place yet how can you take steps to prevent this disturbing activity?

One way is by constantly keeping an eye on your own credit report with credit report agencies. This allows you to monitor if unusual activity is taking place. Unless you take steps to actively prevent ID theft, it may be too late and cleaning up the mess afterwards is no easy feat. You can sign up for ID monitoring assistance from one of many good online services. For instance, while you sign up for credit report tracking with a firm like Equifax, you can also sign up for 'ID Patrol', which automatically alerts you if something suspicious happens.

If the unthinkable should happen, then a team of specialists are on hand to tackle the case; you can also take identity theft insurance. Most identity theft protection services offer an initial fraud alert for 90 days so you can try for yourself.


Do you want extra financial protection on your vehicle or electrical goods? Most such items will come with an initial manufacturer's warranty so that if your car becomes damaged, the repairs will be covered under that warranty. Most manufacturers' warranties run out after a period of between 12 months and 3 years, leaving you to deal with repair or replacement costs.

Luckily there are now many independent firms on the US market that offer extended warranties on a range of products (mainly on cars and other vehicles). Put simply, these lengthen your warranty and allow you to rest assured in the knowledge that costs are covered. Most extended warranties are based on a time period or, in the case of many auto warranties, on a set amount of miles driven.

Legal Services

Americans know that justice and personal rights are an important part of everyday life. Whether this is your general individual rights to live your life freely or your rights during a divorce, the US market reflects this knowledge with a wide range of excellent legal services to help people.

If you are facing a divorce battle, bankruptcy or tax problems, you can now seek professional assistance with independent legal services. With competitive fees and flexible terms, these legal services can offer to guide you through what could potentially be a difficult process. Legal services will be able to give you their expert advice regardless of which state you live in and give you the necessary empowerment to reach your goal.


All over the US, people are taking action to get compensation. Whether you have been treated for side effects from a medical product, been exposed to health-damaging materials in your home (including Asbestos), or if your child has suffered birth defects thanks to a bad pharmaceutical product you can find help today. Sadly there are still many products available in drugstores and even from your doctor, which can lead to scary side effects like those listed above.

With the right claims services, you could have a legal claim. You can usually apply for claims services online via a short and simple application form. Once you have given your basic information it could be reviewed by one or more attorneys who can then advise you on what action is most likely to win your case. Get the legal presentation you need and deserve with a claims service!

Checking Accounts

Checking Accounts are the most straightforward bank accounts, offered all over the country in all states. Checking accounts can be used to manage your money, receive your salary and to make payments. Opening a checking account is easy - all you need to do is visit your nearest bank branch and let the advisor talk you through the different checking accounts that are on offer.

Most adults in America have a checking account and you can always keep an eye out to see if there are better offers around the corner. Some checking accounts might offer a better interest rate on your money while other checking accounts carry many additional benefits (including car breakdown cover or travel insurance).

Most checking accounts will come with a debit card for ATM withdrawals and for making payments. If you want more flexibility from your plastic then take a look at the Credit Cards page.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are the other main type of account that your bank will offer. There are lots of types of savings accounts on the market including those which are set up for your children, those which have set interest rates for the life of the account and others with variable interest rates.

Putting your liquid cash into a savings account is a great way to build up your personal fortune for the future. Compared with an investment fund or direct trading, savings accounts are a much safer way to grow money over time. As there are so many types of savings accounts it is worth taking your time and considering all the options before making a choice.


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