Remit 2 India Money Transfer (Money Transfer)
Remit2India provide a money transfer service using Check Transfers, Wire Transfers and online Bank Transfers. They can send to over 60,000 branches of 90 banks; including top banks like ICICI Bank and State bank India.
Location: India
1. Free money transfers on transfers above €700/$1000.
2. Send money online using Wire Transfers, Online Bank Transfers, Moneybookers, Guaranteed Rate Transfers, Check Transfers, Online ACH, Credit Card etc.
3. 24*7 phone & online transfer tracking mechanism.
4. Get Guaranteed Rate on your money transfers using the Guaranteed Rate Transfers.
5. Send money to over 141 banks in India.
6. Multiple receiving options-Direct Account Credit, Door Step Delivery & Remittance card.
1. Remittances can be made online through Remit2India website only.
2. Minimum amount to be transferred is £50.
3. Delivery to India only.
1. Send money to over 141 banks in India
2. Simple 24 x 7 phone & Online Transfer Tracking

Costs/Fees: Fee free over €700/$1000
Payment Types: ACH (USA), Check Transfers, Wire Transfers,Money Bookers, online Transfers and Credit Card (USA)
Transfer Locations: ACH (USA), Check Transfers, Wire Transfers,Money Bookers, online Transfers and Credit Card (USA)
Transfer Methods: Online
Transfer Speed: 1-4 days
Transfer Minimum: $50
Transfer Maximum:

Online registration with valid details.
Security Statement:
Remit2India maintains the highest-level levels of security when it comes to customer privacy. With Verisign certified 128 bit SSL encryption technology, customers can rest assured that their online transactions are completely safe.Remit2India is also very transparent and customer friendly; With the online status tracker, customers can view their transaction status online. All details of the customer’s transaction are kept confidential.
Terms and Conditions:
See website for details.

Number Of Currencies: 9
Currencies Available:
1. USD
2. GBP
3. CAD
4. SGD
5. EUR
6. HKD
7. YEN
8. UAE
9. Indian Rupees INR

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