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Below you will find straightforward FAQs and background information to a Legal Service.

What are Legal Services?

Legal services are firms that offer legal advice and assistance for a range of areas. These include:

  • Divorce services
  • Bankruptcy services
  • Tax services
  • General legal services

What Services do they Offer?

This depends on their area of expertise.

For instance, they might offer a range of services for people who wish to file for divorce. This might include:

  • Divorce Starter Kits
  • Divorce Forms (for each US State)
  • Restraining Orders
  • General Tips
  • Do-It-Yourself Forms
  • Child Custody Forms

They may also provide added assistance, advice and tips on what could be a long and painful process both financially and emotionally!

How Much does it Cost?

This depends on what type of service you are seeking. Sticking with divorce legal services, the costs can range from $30 for a basic divorce package to $50 for a more intricate package (for example if kids are involved). Fees may vary so always do a thorough check before you sign up for any service. If in doubt ask directly what their fee structure is.

Can I Receive Legal Advice?

In most cases, no. Legal Services such as those listed on Which Way To Pay offer a general and useful service, but cannot provide individual legal advice. A professional law attorney is better suited for individual legal advice. This is because each legal case can involve complex details or issues and as such it is often recommended to consult an attorney.

What are the Advantages of Legal Services?

The main advantages of legal services is that they can provide a fast and simple way to deal with general legal matters such as provide forms and kits, generic advice and tips and a direct method of dealing with a range of situations.

Most legal services offer user-friendly internet sites, which are filled with information and FAQs.

What are the Disadvantages of Legal Services?

General legal services may be useful and offer a way to tackle problems directly perhaps even reduce costs but they are not able to provide individual legal advice. In other words, they can provide the forms and templates that can be used to file for bankruptcy or divorce but they cannot help you in your individual case.

If you are heading for a difficult legal battle it is a wise idea to seek guidance from a professional attorney. This is especially sensible if there are children involved or there are complex aspects of the case. Professional assistance and advice may cost more but that way you can receive the help that you and your loved ones may need.


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