Betterment (Financial Services) is made for smart, busy individuals who want to be proactive with their investment future, without dropping their active lives for it! Based on the simplicity of an online bank account, Betterment doesn't run on commissions or balance fees, and clients usually wind up paying less than half of what they'd pay elsewhere each year. To keep your investment portfolio as busy as you are, Betterment is a better investment. Betterment is the place for you to grow your money over the long term.
Location: USA
1. Easy application
2. No minimum balance
3. Free transfers
4. Free transactions
5. Betterment is a registered investment advisor, and securities in customer accounts are protected up to $500,000 by the SIPC
USA only
1. A straightforward pricing model without transaction charges or hidden fees
2.No minimum balance
3.Focus on the only two investments that matter to 99% of investors – a great stock basket and a conservative bond portfolio.
4.An incredibly easy user experience that makes it easy to understand your money and control your exposure to risk
5.Automatic, seamless diversification (which means higher returns with lower risk)
6.The ability to see how others like you invest
7.We rebalance your account automatically
8.We reinvest your dividends automatically
9.You can transact in exact dollar amounts (not whole shares)

Product Type: Online brokerage account
Product Price: 0.3% to 0.9%, depending on your balance
Product Detail: Betterment is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, and Betterment Securities is a broker-dealer regulated by FINRA and the SEC. The securities in your account are protected up to $500,000 by SIPC. Betterment is simple and transparent. Your money is invested in well-established funds, chosen for their good management, efficiency, and long track records.

Application Methods: Online

For those who wish to invest their money
Betterment currently only operates in the United States, and for regulatory reasons cannot accept customers residing outside the country. A customer must have a permanent U.S. address, a U.S. Social Security Number, and a checking account from a U.S. bank.
There's no minimum balance, and transfers and trades are always free. It's smarter investing—hassle-free.
Betterment (Which Way To Pay - 17/5/2011)
Betterment is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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