Welcome to our Insurance area. No matter what kind of insurance cover you are looking for we can help you get what you need. It is always worth comparing different insurance companies in order to find the best policy. The prices can vary hugely and some insurance companies can provide much better deals than others. Find the best insurance cover availble today and save money.


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Welcome to our Insurance area. Insurance is an important part of the American life. Even with President Obama's health reforms, the majority of people still look to a good health insurance policy to ensure they receive the treatment and care they require. Besides basic healthcare you can guarantee a better level of help and less waiting around with health insurance. You need to be vigilant when you compare insurance policies.

Getting a good insurance deal is important. Irrespective of whether you are looking for Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance or Annuity Insurance it is vital to compare insurance offers. What is also important is that you make sure that you know what exactly is in your insurance policy – are you receiving the insurance cover you need and are paying for? Which Way To Pay lists a wide variety of insurance providers, each offering a program to ensure you are protected from the risks of everyday life.

Annuity Insurance

Annuities are life insurance products which are sold primarily by life insurance companies. Annuities are investment vehicles that many Americans choose to take. There are various types of annuities on the market so take time to compare annuity insurance options. Choose between either immediate payout or deferred payout. You can also choose from fixed returns or variable. Unlike a regular retirement plan there is no limit on how much you can invest in an annuity.

At its most basic level annuity insurance means paying money into an annuity contract immediately so that you draw on the funds later in the future. By the time you come to withdraw, it is hoped that you will have built interest on your insurance. An annuity is more an investment than a type of insurance, although it does fall under the life insurance umbrella and is provided by life insurance firms. Compare insurance options before settling.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is imperative for any road users in the US. You can take out auto insurance on a car, truck or even a motorcycle and in doing so you are providing cover for yourself in the event of a road accident. Auto insurance policies also covers against liability that can be incurred in a road accident.

Auto insurance is compulsory in most states though the level of requirement does differ according to state laws. Before you purchase a car or other vehicle in any state, make sure you have found out what the state requires as far as auto insurance goes – some require insurance to be transported in the car at all times. You can shop around for good auto insurance policies and even add extras including cover for your personal possessions within the car.

Health Insurance

According to a report, around 35% of Americans are underinsured when it comes to health insurance– meaning they are not able to cover the costs of their medical needs. A smaller proportion carries no health insurance at all meaning that if medical care is required, it can become extremely expensive. In fact, those who have needed care without adequate health insurance have ended in serious debt, over 60% of American personal bankruptcies have come from medical debts.

To prevent yourself and your family from landing in such a situation, it is a good idea to look for a health insurance program. There are lots of health insurance policies offering a range of cover types, from basic to more advanced cover. Even if you are not able to afford private care you can cover yourself for the basics, including emergency treatment.

Dental Plans

Dental plans are widely available in the US, and provide an affordable alternative to regular dental insurance. By signing up to one of the dental plans listed on Which Way To Pay, you can access a large variety of dentists around your area that will offer their services at a discounted price. Another advantage of dental plans are that you have more choice and no annual limits, so you can benefit from discounted dental care throughout the year.

Nationwide, there are currently around 100,000 dentists that participate and you can pick from numerous dental plans. Dental plans are so popular that we have given them their own new area on Which Way To Pay.

Home Insurance

Taking insurance could also be described as the transferring of risk. With home insurance contents, you are ensuring that you are covered for a range of events. These might include fire damage, structural damage from weather (storms or lightning), terrorism, theft and vandalism.

You can even find specialist home insurance policies for your home if you have small children or pets that could cause damage to your personal possessions. As with many types of different insurance you can usually choose from a variety of standard policies, including ones for tenants who do not own their home.

Life Insurance

Taking life insurance means that if you die, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit. This money can be used to pay for lost income and deal with any unpaid debts or expenses that are left behind. With life insurance policies your nearest and dearest can deal with any complicated financial matters that result in a person's death without adding too much to their already difficult situation.

Life insurance is especially important for people who are the principle earner in a family – without this income, people could be left with financial obligations which they can no longer keep up (such as a mortgage). Some people also want to ensure that their children will be able to go to college. Life insurance policies come in various forms which can help to provide protection for the people that matter the most.

Business Insurance

Regardless of the size of your business, you are faced with liabilities every day which need to be managed so that your assets and staff are protected adequately. But by taking out business insurance available in the US, including business liability, property, workers' compensation, commercial general liability and commercial auto insurance. All of these types of business insurance policies are designed to ensure that no matter what happens by way of accident or injury in the workplace, your business is safely covered. Personal injury is also an important factor to consider – this covers areas such as libel and slander, and is included in most commercial general liability policies.

If you and your business are faced with a claim that could become costly, make sure you have a good layer of defense at the ready that is business insurance. There are plenty of very good business insurance policies to choose from, so start your search on Which Way To Pay USA and find the right cover today.

Pet Insurance

Americans love their pets, and the majority of households have at least one animal. Paying to care for them can become expensive, especially if medical care is required. By taking pet insurance you can cover your costs and ensure that your pets are taken care of.

The majority of pet insurance policies on the market offer dog and cat insurance – because these are the most common pet types in America. However, you can find less usual pet insurance policies to cover animals including horses, reptiles, birds and even rodents.

Travel Insurance

Ever been stuck abroad because of canceled flights, lost luggage or had your passport stolen? These situations are unfortunately very common the world over, so getting the right travel insurance should be a vital part of planning any trip away from home.

A very important factor for many people is getting cover in case of an accident or illness while abroad – getting local medical care is not always easy. This is especially the case if you do not understand or speak the local language. With the right travel insurance policy, you could access help quickly and be on your way home for full treatment. You can also get travel insurance policies that cover you for events such as a tour operator going bust.

Gagdet Insurance

Life without a smartphone or a laptop is hard to imagine nowadays. Some electronic gadgets are simply there for fun, helping us to relax, to enjoy our free time and to stay in contact with friends. These include MP3 players, iPods, game consoles and more, but laptops and mobile phones are also very often indispensable for work. We need to use them away from home, and have to carry them around in briefcases and bags, so they are easily stolen or lost.

It is equally annoying if a gadget gets damaged or fails to work. Expensive repairs become necessary, or the whole gadget even might have to be replaced. Everybody who owns an electronic gadget knows how much money has been spent on it, which would be lost if anything happens. Gadget insurance is the best way to ensure that your gadget gets replaced as soon as possible without the loss of any money. Look at the comparison page to find the best insurance policies to cover the risk.


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