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Identity Theft Protection

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a serious crime, which involves a sophisticated interception of your personal details to carry out criminal activity.

Once your identity has been stolen, it can take months or even years and a large amount of money to recover the situation and to reclaim your clean identity and credit record. The damage to your good name can lead to loss of employment, rejections from the bank, credit card firms, mortgage lenders, car hire firms you could even end up being arrested for a crime that has nothing to do with you!

Here are some areas of your personal information that can be intercepted:

  • Your Name, Date of Birth
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Credit Card Number
  • Your Checking Account details
  • Your Cellphone Account
  • Your Loan Payments
  • Your Rental Agreement

How Does it Happen?

Consider a normal busy day in your life. It could include your withdrawing cash from an ATM, paying for goods at your local store by check, paying for online services with your credit card or renting a car. You might mail your tax forms or throw out old papers and in any one of these instances, a criminal could interject and steal your personal details.

Here are some examples of how a criminal could get hold of your identity:

  • Hacking into your email account/online banking account
  • Stealing your mail (especially bank statements)
  • Fraudulently gaining access to your credit report
  • 'Skimming' your credit/debit card to get the PIN number/account number
  • Stealing your wallet/purse directly
  • Break into your home
  • Fill out false 'change of address' forms in your name
  • Bribing/conning employees of institutions who have access to your records
  • Going through your/public trash

It may seem frightening, but the above examples really do occur yes, even rummaging through trash is a known way of gaining people's personal information. It is known as 'dumpster diving'.


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