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Who needs Gadget Insurance?

Most of us regularly carry around electronic devices for personal use, as well as for work. These gadgets include portable games, consoles and MP3 players for fun and relaxation, cameras and camcorders, navigation systems for travelling and mobile phones, iPads and laptops both for staying in contact with friends and for work. All these gadgets can be insured in other words, gadget insurance is useful for almost everybody.

What does Gadget Insurance cover for?

As most of the above gadgets are designed for use away from home, they get carried around and can easyily get stolen or lost. A gadget insurance policy covers for this, as well as for the event that the device accidentally gets damaged, for example after a fall. Gadget insurance will cover the costs of repair or replacement of your device.

How much does Gadget Insurance cost?

Depending on the device insured and on your individual needs, policies start from under $10 and go up to around $30 per month.

What exactly is covered in Gadget Insurance?

If your electronic gadget gets lost or stolen it will be covered for. Accidental damage and breakdown will also be included in most gadget insurance policies, no matter if it happens in or away from your home. The cover is usually valid worldwide. Policies can be limited to a set period, like 12 months. Before applying for gadget insurance it is important to compare different providers and policies and check them for different cover levels, various options and possible exclusions.

What about excess?

If you are making a claim you might have to pay excess, depending on the policy chosen. This could be in the area of $25, but this should be checked before applying.

How much can be claimed?

The maximum claim depends mainly on the gadget insured and on the level of the policy taken out. It definitely is worth comparing different providers for their claim limits.

How do I receive my claim?

Before applying, it is advisable to find out first how claims are taken care of. Replacement or repair of the gadget is what as a rule will be offered cash usually will not be paid out.

Are my gadgets covered abroad?

Most of gadget insurances offer cover around the globe which means that your devices will be protected overseas, but usually only for no longer than 90 days.


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