Hidden Warranties could save drivers thousands of Dollars

07 October 2014 - Which Way To Pay

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Warranty purchased that drivers never knew about

Once again a many consumers have recently found out that they may have a hidden warranty on their vehicle. Millions of drivers across the US have been researching into what is actually covered on there warranty cover. Whilst most people think that not may things are included , lots have actually been proved wrong . This is just a simple study that has been carried out and could actually save the population thousands and thousands of dollars.

Major manufactures under investigation over warranty discovery

Whilst recent studies have produced a list that over 250 models of cars have got hidden warranty that the owner will never have be told about. This could actually save many drivers a lot of money due to the fact of being covered on warranty and not making this a insurance claim .This information can be found in the Consumer Reports Publication.

All drivers advised to check there warranty Documentation

These secret warranties as the term used by the Consumer reports , are believed to be found in the documentations that is given to the vehicle owner at the time of purchase. This has been brought to light by the fact these certain manufactures have not been correctly advising the buyers about this. In most cases there is no advance notice about this and lots of people have only found out by discovering this themselves or the fact that the dealer has notified them , if they did go onto re sell the vehicle. One of the leading Car Manufactures on the market is said to offer over half a dozen services for its consumers which , the consumer reports to be unusually generous to its customers .



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