Reward credit cards: earn money while spending it

30 April 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Reward credit cards: earn money while spending it

A reward credit card is a traditional credit card but comes with extras!   You can pay with a reward credit card as with any other credit card. You can use it in shops and restaurants worldwide; you can book events, rent cars and of course make purchases on the Internet.

The benefits of a credit card

Furthermore a credit card allows you to take cash from cash machines around the globe and it offers insurance for new purchases against theft and damage, and it also comes with a high security.

A credit card allows you to spend money which will be booked off your account at the end of the month. The amount of money you can spend will be agreed upon, depending on what the card issuer offers or on your personal credit history.

Additional benefits of a reward credit card

With a reward credit card one can enjoy benefits in addition to the advantages of a traditional credit card. What exactly is offered depends on the card issuer, but usually you can collect points which you can later redeem at different partners of the card company.   Also, very often discounts are offered for certain goods and services, like for example when taking petrol, renting cars or when travelling. Air miles could be offered and sometimes it is possible to give points to a charity of your choice. Some reward credit cards even give you the possibility of earning your points back on to your card account.

Reward credit cards are credit cards with a plus but is there also any minus?

Like with any other credit cards it is important to make sure not to lose the overview of one's outgoings, otherwise there can be unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.   Overstretched financial flexibility can easily result in serious financial damage up to insolvency; it is a fact of life that every credit card comes with the inbuilt temptation to spend more money than one has.

A reward credit card should be chosen particularly carefully, as the annual fee can be higher than for other credit cards. This is why one should check if one really would fully take advantage of the reward it offers. If you are, for example, not driving very often cheaper petrol would be of little use for you. Only if the rewards are really attractive for you personally it is worth it to apply for a report credit card.

How to find the right reward credit card

Click here to view a list of different reward credit cards.   Here you can check which rewards are offered, and what these rewards would be beneficial for.   Once you have made your choice, the application is easy and quick just click here.




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