Need to Start Saving Money? Keep a Financial Diary!

23 August 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Need to Start Saving Money? Keep a Financial Diary!

The future of the global economy is uncertain at the moment, and with the US debt rating downgrade we all need to be a little more sensible with our money at the moment. Our lives have remained just as busy as our pay has been frozen and the cost of living has gone up, meaning that itís hard to change old habits as our disposable income diminishes. If you are keen to save some money, but donít know where to start, then why not keep a financial diary for a couple of months? By writing down every cent you spend, you can quickly see where your money goes and identify your bad habits.

We all have out pitfalls when it comes to spending. Whether itís buying an expensive lunch every day, indulging in clothes or beauty products or buying that extra round of drinks at the weekend, there are lots of ways you can plug the holes in your budget. By making a few small changes you could really make a difference to the balance of your savings accounts.



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