Compare Checking Accounts

23 April 2010 - Which Way to Pay

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Compare Checking Accounts



Most regular Americans have a checking account already set up, but it is always worth comparing the market to see if there is a better one around the corner…


You could find that there is an account much more suited to your personal financial situation.  Take your time and have a look at the offers. 


This is easily done by viewing our Comparison pages dedicated to checking accounts.


Use the table to compare the major features – interest rates, fees and other aspects that you will want to cover.


Checking accounts offer us a simple way to manage everyday finances.  From receiving your income, making online payments via a debit card or even saving up cash, a checking account is one of the most-used banking products on the market.


Most banks offer checking accounts but there are also other independent firms that can offer the product.  Remember you will need to be ‘in credit’ if you want to close an account.


If you are not sure whether your current checking account is serving you well, you can request a review with your bank.  Alternatively you could seek independent insight with the help of a financial advisor.



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