Charge Cards

20 December 2010 - Which Way To Pay

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Charge Cards


If you have a secure and guaranteed income which is not likely to change, perhaps you might like to think about taking out a charge card as opposed to a credit card.

All charge cards should be taken on with caution because as the alternative to traditional credit cards, charge cards must be paid off in full each month-consequently the fees or fines for not doing so are generally higher than standard credit cards-this is definitely something to watch as you really must be prepared to pay off all your balance in full each month.

However, charge cards are a new alternative to spending and saving and in some ways, charge cards can be a better alternative to credit cards because knowing that you absolutely must pay your balance off in full each month generates more user responsibility and therefore you are less likely to fall behind on repayments and get hit by charges.

The benefit of these cards is that they remove you from being subject to annual percentage rates.  Many of the cards allow you to earn back money.

However, just make sure you are able to cope with the monthly pay offs.  The amount you are able to spend on this account will relate to various factors such as your credit record, account history and your personal income and your outgoings so not all customers will be accepted,

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