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Below you will see a variety of divorce services whose aim is to help you make a difficult process go more smoothly. They offer fast and low-cost legal services methods to achieve your divorce and ensure that you are legally covered from every angle. There is nothing easy about a divorce which is why the services below are there to try and make proceedings easier. Some of the services below can help you find the documents you need and also offer you advice on how to fill them out taking a huge weight off your mind. You may also need legal advice. Some of the services below can put you in touch with a local divorce attorney who can help you understand the process and the divorce laws applicable.

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Net Lawman is the supplier of the most comprehensive set of legal documents, legal forms and legal advice online.

Net Lawman
Net Lawman offers you an all encompassing legal document service which covers anything from putting you in contact with law professionals, to a personal drafting service and even an online legal document centre. You can even buy legal documents and forms online at a low price to save you the hassle of journeying to a legal office. Why not subscribe to the Net Lawman newsletter and get a regular round-up of useful legal advice. All Net Lawman documents are written in plain English and come with explanatory notes on best use. DETAIL INFORMATION >>Services


1.Legal documents
2.Legal Forms
3.Pre-paid legal advice



1.Net Lawman uses a team of solicitors to provide you with extra help or document editing as and when you should need it.
2.Offers a discounted price for professional documents.
3.Clear re-writing of all documents in English.
4.Great introductory drafting notes to help you understand your purchase.
5. Five minutes worth of free legal e-support for all document purchases.
6. Net Lawman allows you to edit, add and delete without restriction in your word processor.



1.Net Lawman do not reply to court related enquiries.
2.Net Lawman legal advice is provided on a "no liability" basis.
3.The business is not regulated by The Law Society.

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Compare Divorce Services

If you need legal assistance for any number of reasons make sure you find the service that best helps you achieve your goals.

Divorce services could take some of the weight off your shoulders

Going through a divorce is hard enough and anything which could make the process easier will be welcome. This is why divorce services that will help you with the paperwork are particularly useful. What these companies do is to provide you with all necessary legal documents you may need. This could include divorce forms, documents for child support, custody, and much more. If your divorce is likely to be straightforward you even can obtain do-it-yourself divorce kits. They are very popular and can help you to save money if there is no need for a complicated process. All forms are downloadable and you can get help in filling them in. And if necessary they can help you to find a divorce attorney in your area.

What is a Divorce Service?

In the United States many people use a legal service for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking for legal assistance in getting a divorce, restraining orders, help with your taxes, making a will or other legal documents using a legal service can be your helping hand. There are many different legal services available for a variety of issues.

Why use a Divorce Service?

The main advantage of using on the service listed in the table above is that you will work with lawyers and legal experts who will be able to offer you their knowledge and expertise giving you the best chance of succeeding. With a strong legal team behind you, you can depend on advice and support whenever you need which can be particularly useful if you are in a difficult situation.

How much will it cost?

The exact amount a divorce service can cost will vary case by case and depends on the service you use. Each firm will have their own fee structure so it is important that you understand what you are paying for before you sign. Avoid companies which are unwilling to disclose how much you will pay. Always make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Finding the right Divorce Service

There are many divorce services on the market and not all of them are trustworthy. It is important that you take the time to research the market so that you can find the service that best suits you and your needs. Some services will offer you a free quote of how much it will cost which can be very useful. Use the table above to compare different legal service looking at the main features of each and weighing up the pros and cons This will help you find the right service for you. Make sure you always read the terms and conditions fully before you apply.

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