Net Lawman (Divorce Services)
Net Lawman offers you an all encompassing legal document service which covers anything from putting you in contact with law professionals, to a personal drafting service and even an online legal document centre. You can even buy legal documents and forms online at a low price to save you the hassle of journeying to a legal office. Why not subscribe to the Net Lawman newsletter and get a regular round-up of useful legal advice. All Net Lawman documents are written in plain English and come with explanatory notes on best use.
Location: USA
1.Net Lawman uses a team of solicitors to provide you with extra help or document editing as and when you should need it.
2.Offers a discounted price for professional documents.
3.Clear re-writing of all documents in English.
4.Great introductory drafting notes to help you understand your purchase.
5. Five minutes worth of free legal e-support for all document purchases.
6. Net Lawman allows you to edit, add and delete without restriction in your word processor.
1.Net Lawman do not reply to court related enquiries.
2.Net Lawman legal advice is provided on a "no liability" basis.
3.The business is not regulated by The Law Society.
1.Legal documents
2.Legal Forms
3.Pre-paid legal advice

Product Type: Legal Service
Product Price: Dependent On Product
Product Detail:
1.Agriculture and Equestrian
2.Commerce and Business
3.Company Consultancy and Self Employment
6. Health and Safety
7.Information Technology
8.Intellectual Property
9.Land and Property.
11.Personal and Consumer
12.Sales of Goods and Services
13.Terms and Conditions.
14.Wills, PoA and Probate

Application Methods: Online or Post

Business Managers Legal Professionals Individuals
Enquiries about court will not be responded to.
Net Lawman is the supplier of the most comprehensive set of legal documents, legal forms and legal advice online.
Net Lawman (Which Way To Pay - 17/5/2011)
Net Lawman is ranked 2 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

2 Star Rating

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