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Credit Reports / Credit Bureaus

What is a Credit Report?

From the moment you first apply for credit / borrow money a credit report is created for you. The report provides a history of your ability to deal with your financial obligations. Lending firms, banks and credit unions will send information of your financial relationship with them to the credit bureau so that the report is updated.

What is in a Credit Report?

A credit report contains a lot of important information about you, including:

  • Personal information your name, address, date of birth and Social Security number
  • Details of your credit applications
  • Your Banking Information your checking account
  • Information of any bankruptcies, judgments and anything on Public Record
  • Any history of Debt Collection
  • List showing all companies/individuals who have requested to view your report in the past three years

Who Can View My Report?

All of the main credit bureaus can view your report. The main credit bureaus in the US include Experian and Equifax. Additionally, lending firms and banks can view your report any time you apply for credit. However there are strict federal laws that govern who can see your report and your consent must be given for anyone to access your file.

Most credit card/loan applications will carry a clause that asks for your permission to the lending firm to check your report. Your file shows and views that your report has had over the past three years.

Can I Access my Credit Report?

Yes you can. You can apply to view your credit report online with a subscription service offered by the main credit bureaus and by other credit report services. In the past you were only able to access your own report by requesting a copy.

Should I Check my Report Often?

Yes. By checking credit report regularly you can help yourself to prevent identity fraud, see who is requesting to view your report. You can also request to correct any errors and in doing so take measures to improve your credit rating.

ID fraud takes place all over the United States. Criminals can get your personal information (such as credit card details or checking account details) and use this for fraudulent activity. Many people do not realize that their ID has been stolen for some time. By viewing your report regularly you can keep an eye out and stop any potentially fraudulent activity early.

Most credit reports also offer useful advice and hints on how to improve your credit score. This is highly valuable advice and while you cannot actually repair an existing score you can make your future chances of attaining financial goals better!

What is a Credit Bureau?

Your personal information is collected by credit bureaus. They begin to do this from the first time you apply for a loan or credit card. The two main bureaus in the US are Equifax and Experian, who provide private and business credit ratings information and data.

They are under federal and state laws and will never give out your personal information to third parties unless required to do so for legal reasons or as stated by the bureaus themselves. Banks, lending firms, credit card issuers and other financial firms become members of credit bureaus so that they may access your information where necessary when you make credit applications. They will ask your consent before doing so.


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