Are you on the lookout for plastic? Whether you are interested in a first or new credit card or looking for a debt-safe alternative via a prepaid card, this is the area to find out more.


Credit Cards

Whether you're looking for your first credit card or want to update your existing one, you can find a wide variety of card types on Which Way To Pay USA.

What is APR?

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate on your credit card is the amount which the card company charges you for 'borrowing' money from them. Card companies have different ways of calculating this rate so the APR is an important factor to look out for. Card companies must state the APR clearly from the outset.

What is an Annual Fee?

Credit card issuers might charge you an annual fee for use of the credit card. This is a flat fee and is one factor worth comparing when you are looking for a new credit card not all card companies charge annual fees.

What is Balance Transfer?

You can transfer your existing balances onto a new credit card by taking a card that has a free balance transfer period. You can even transfer balances from more than one card onto a new card many people do this to consolidate their debts.

I have Bad Credit. Can I Get a Credit Card?

There are cards for all types of borrowers on today's market. So even if you have a bad credit history you are sure to find a card to suit you. Just take your time to shop around. If you are looking for a safer way to use plastic without the risk of falling into debt then you could consider a prepaid credit card. View our section on prepaid cards to find out more.

What are the Benefits of Credit Cards?

Credit cards are heavily relied upon by most Americans. Essential for significant purchases such as real estate or cars, weddings and vacations, credit cards have become indispensible. As long as you are aware of the dangers of debt and keep within your monthly credit payments, a credit card can be greatly beneficial. Credit cards enjoy worldwide acceptance.

What are the Disadvantages of Credit Cards?

Credit cards give Americans a great level of financial freedom but they should be treated with care. If you are poor at managing your card and late with payments then you could be charged fees and fall into debt. Eventually this will negatively affect your credit score, making future credit applications even harder. Prior to making an application for a credit card, ensure that you understand fully the implications of a poorly managed card. If necessary seek an alternative way to pay.


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