Unclaimed money could be waiting for you to claim it. is one of the largest databases for unclaimed money in the world. Find out right now with our free trial search. It is estimated that 9 in 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year. So, it's quite likely that some of this money belongs to you. The question is how much?
Location: USA
1. FREE trial search is a "sneak peek" inside a extensive database
2. Once you upgrade account to a premium paid account you will be able to examine the full records and make the full determination if the money is yours.
3. Inside members area instructions on how to claim your found money
4. Odds are VERY high that a family member is listed here too, searches for your entire family are included in the premium subscription
5. The NameMatch technology you utilise searches through a dtatabase of containing hundreds of millions of real unclaimed property records retrieved by our researchers from over 58 different sources
6. To our knowledge, there is no other database in existence that has all these records and is updated as frequently as ours is.
7. WE GUARANTEE that if the unclaimed funds account on our list belongs to you and you attempt to claim it, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE UNCLAIMED FUNDS OWED TO YOU or we will refund 100% of your processing fee!
1. You must pay a premium in order to be able to examine the full records and make the full determination if the money is yours.
2. We help you search for and locate any money that you are entitled to - Billions of dollars are listed as claimable. However, you are responsible for directly claiming the money or property from any financial institutions or funds.
3. You must cancel your 30 day subsciption upon 30 days of the starting date otherwise there will be automatic billing every 30 days thereafter.
1. Access to a database containing millions of unclaimed funds that are reported by the appropriate government agencies
2. Guide on how to claim

1. Free trial search in to extensive database.
2. Access to hundreds of millions of real unclaimed property records (after premium paid)
1. Premium for 30 days subscription
1. Check database to see if you are owed money
For those who think they may be owed unclaimed funds.
Proof of ID will be needed to be provided to whichever agency is holding your money.
Roberta Allen, a Missouri resident, received a phone call to check for unclaimed money. When she searched for unclaimed money, she was unaware of the amount. After applying for unclaimed money, she received a check in the mail and was in shock at the amount. The check was over $25,000. All in Roberta Allenís name, which was some form of unclaimed money.
For those who think they may be owed unclaimed funds.
1. See policy wording
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