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Below you can find a variety of checking accounts. Checking accounts give you a great way to manage and control your regular spending and income – regardless of your lifestyle or the size of your paycheck. You can also look at checking accounts online here. Most Americans have a checking account but even if you already have checking accounts you can always shop around to see if your account is giving you the most for your money. Use the chart below to compare the most important factors and to see which checking accounts are most suited to you.

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Compare Checking Accounts

What is a checking account?

Checking accounts are very easy to use and convenient and most people in the U.S. will have one. A checking account is best used to hold the money that you spend on a regular basis for things like day to day living costs, household bills and they are usually the place where your salary gets paid into. Most banks do not charge you to open a checking account. You can use a checking account as your standard bank account and you can use it to pay expenses and store your money.

The Benefits of a checking account

Many people keep the same checking account all of their life because they feel like it is too complicated to switch. However, this is not necessarily the case and the benefits of changing your checking account could be great. Most banks now have teams dedicated to switching accounts so the process should be quick and easy. Different banks offer different types of checking accounts so it is worth spending time comparing which accounts would suit you best. Some banks charge for checking accounts and don’t pay any interest on money you have in the checking account whereas others will not necessarily charge a fee. Remember that age restrictions may apply.

Finding the right account

There is a wide range of different accounts and benefits available so you should shop around to find the best one for you. With so many vying for your business you should research thoroughly to find the best deal for you. There are hundreds of accounts to choose from. You should think about the things you’ll be using the account for and always watch out for any hidden charges that may apply. You may want to choose an account that can be managed online or via the phone and whether it has a 24 customer service line. The right account will depend on you and your requirements.

What are the basic functions I need with a checking account?

A checking account is a standard bank account which you will find most banks have on offer. It offers you basic functions so that you can use your account to place money, deposits whenever you like. It also enables you to receive funds from other entities, such as your salary. Most checking accounts will allow you to accrue interest provided you have a minimum balance of up to $2,000. Always check the minimum balance with the specific bank though as this could vary. Many checking accounts come with a debit card or bank check card when you apply so you are able to withdraw money from your account whenever you need it. Internet banking usually comes as standard with checking accounts. This is an extremely useful took which allows you to manage your money online, view your online account balance, set up transfers and keep an eye out for fraudulent behaviour.

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