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Below you can compare a variety of business credit cards. Business credit cards can help large and small businesses to deal with important financial elements – including cash flow management and managing business expenses. If you have employees, you may be looking for business credit cards which allow additional business credit cards, so you can control their business spending. Use the chart to compare the main features of different business credit cards. Do they offer extras? Are there any introductory deals? What is the credit limit (or can you design it yourself)? What are the criteria for acceptance? As soon as you have found suitable business credit cards, simply click on More Info to go to the next stage.

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Compare Business Credit Cards

You can add value to your company with a Business Credit Card but make sure you know the facts.

What are Business Credit Cards?

Business credit cards give you a straightforward and convenient way of managing your cash flow and help you stay in control of business expensive. These cards can help you save time and money by separating personal and business spending. Whatever the size of your business, whether you are just starting up or are already established, business credit cards can help you manage your corporate finances better. You get a line of credit that you can use to meet your business expenses without having to put up any collateral.

Business credit cards often include business-related features such as the ability to track expenses online. You can also get additional cards for multiple employees and your purchases can be protected. Many cards come with card fraud liability so your business won’t be liable for any unauthorised transactions. Business credit cards are a secure way of buying goods and services online and over the phone and they can be a great for building business credit. You can improve your cash flow with a set amount of interest free credit cays. Certain card providers also give you the opportunity to personalise with your company’s brand or logo which can help get your business’s name out there.

The disadvantages of Business Credit Cards.

You may find there are annual charges which often do not apply for the first year of opening the account. You should also watch high for interest rates that are often associated with business credit cards. As with any financial product such as business cards there is an element of risk involved. You need to make sure you pay the bill on time so you don’t risk going into debt and damaging your credit rating.

Get Bonuses that suit your business

With many credit cards you will also be given access to a comprehensive range of on-line business resources and tools. Business credit cards often have rewards programs that appeal to the needs of business owners. You can also get special offers and discounts aimed at business. This could be money off high street retailers, cash back programmes, discounts on business equipment and supplies and offers on travel services, all of which can save you money and add value to your business.

Finding the right Credit Card for your company

There are many different types of business credit cards on the market and so it is worthwhile taking time to research the market. You can use the table above to easily compare some of the leading business credit cards weighing up all the different feature of each to find the one most suited to your an your corporate needs. The interest rate is obviously one of the most important aspects to consider but you should also look at all the other features of the card to find one that suits you. There are often maximum credit limits that are worth considering. Be prepared to provide certain information such as contact details for you and your business when applying for a business credit card.

Business Credit Cards - Latest News News and Charts

The Blue For Business Credit Card

13 June 2012 06:00am
Florence Fullalove

Now available for you to compare with The Blue for Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN your purchases can add up to great shopping, entertainment, and travel rewards. You can earn points toward rewards from 20 major airlines, 150 hotel properties, more than 50 of the finest names in shopping and entertainment.


Looking For A Better Way To Manage Your Company’s Expenses?

18 April 2012 10:00am
Jack Stupple

Business Credit Cards are an effective way of managing your corporate finances. Some cards also come with some really beneficial extras such as offers on travel expenses, discounts on travel insurance and even cash back reward programmes


New Credit Cards Added to Which Way To Pay!

27 October 2010
Which Way To Pay

Which Way To Pay is constantly updated and renewed, so consumers can access user-friendly comparisons for all the latest financial products and services. New this week: student credit cards, business credit cards and charge cards!