Kanetix.com (Auto Insurance)
To find the best auto insurance rates, request quotes from as many auto insurance companies as you can and then choose the policy that best suits your needs at the cheapest price. Enter your information on the Kanetix.com website and they will help you find your cheapest and best auto insurance quote in no time at all. Many carriers even allow you the convenience of buying your auto insurance coverage online, saving you even more time. At Kanetix.com they do all the hard work for you.
Location: USA
1. Get car insurance from competing insurers and save.
2. There is no cost or obligation to the process.
3. You can use the free service as many times as you wish.
1. There is limited information on the website regarding individual policies.
2. You have to apply to obtain all fees and deductible charges
3. It is important to carefully compare each insurer's rates, features, coverage and other pertinent information to get exactly the right coverage for you - make sure that the low cost car insurance you seek also provides adequate protection in the event of a serious incident.
1. Simply enter the ZIP code where your vehicle is parked to begin the process
2. Complete the brief online interview and verify your information
3. Compare multiple auto insurance quotes to find cheaper rates

Policy Name: Kanetix.com
Policy Cost: Compare online
Policy Deductable: Varies

Cover Type: Comprehensive/Third Party Fire and Theft
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail: Ask on application

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Dependent on provider
Pay Monthly: Yes

Best car insurance coverage for your particular needs.
See individual website for details
See individual website for details

Vehical Info: All vehicles
Driver Info: You must be over the age of 16 years old
Kanetix.com (Which Way To Pay - 4/6/2010)
Kanetix.com is ranked 2 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

2 Star Rating

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