CARCHEX (Auto Insurance)
CARCHEX Smart Warranty consistently research the market to find the best extended warranty products at the most competitive prices. They then use their proprietary technology to provide you with instant quotes based on your specific needs. They also offer the only customizable extended warranty plan so you donít pay for coverage you know you do not need. The idea behind this service is to give a better quote than the one which you will be offered by a car dealer.
Location: USA
1.Save thousands on costly repairs
2.0% interest-free financing†
3.You choose the repair location
4.24 hour roadside assistance, rental benefits, extended towing benefits
5.We pay the repair bills, not you
1.You must apply online to receive a quote.
2.Does not include CA, KY, WA and FL
At CARCHEX they research for the best possible extended warranty coverage at the most reasonable price. They start with the Powertrain coverage, which includes the 3 major systems of an automobile (engine, transmission and drive axle) ; all the way to Premier coverage which should be even "better" than your original new car warranty. They also have the exclusive ability to create a customized coverage "Just For You". Their consultants will review your automobile's specific needs - system by system - to determine your exact coverage needs, and then quote you a policy based upon your individual needs.

Policy Name: SmartAutoWarranty
Policy Cost: Apply Online
Policy Deductable: Variable

Cover Type: Basic - Fully Comprehensive
Cover Level: Variable
Cover Detail: See website for details

Application Methods: Online, tel
Underwriter: See website for details
Pay Monthly: Yes

1.You must be over sixteen years old to apply
2.Does not include CA, KY, WA and FL
1.You must be over sixteen years old to apply
2.Does not include CA, KY, WA and FL
Availability: offers 0% financing

Vehical Info: See website for details
Driver Info: You must be over the age of 16 years old
Carchex (Which Way To Pay - 25/1/2011)
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2 Star Rating

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