All State (Auto Insurance)
All State auto insurance offers you the choice of 4 different auto insurance packages to choose from. You can apply online and find the coverage that is really right for you. You can talk with a licensed auto insurance professional 24/7, your claim will be filed easily and handles promptly, you could be eligible for many discounts and you have the support of over 75 years auto insurance experience.
Location: USA
1. You can talk with a licensed insurance professional, 24/7
2. Your claim can be filed easily and handled promptly
3. You could be eligible for many discounts
4. You have the support of 75+ years of experience
1. Limits and Deductibles will apply to certain types of coverage. Your Limits and Deductibles determine how much your insurance company will pay and how much you'll have to pay when you make a claim for a covered accident.
1. Easy Pay Plan
1. Accident Forgiveness.
1. Accident Forgiveness
2. Deductable Rewards.
3. New Car Replacement
1. Accident Forgiveness
2. Deductable Rewards.
3. New Car Replacement
4. Safe Driving Bonus

Policy Name: Value, Standard, Gold, Platinum
Policy Cost: Varies
Policy Deductable: Varies

Cover Type: Value, Standard, Gold, Platinum
Cover Level: Value to Platinum
Cover Detail:
Collision Coverage
This option helps protect you from repair costs to your car if you're involved in a covered accident. Considering it's a covered loss (that's insurance-speak for an accident that's specifically covered by your policy), Collision helps pay for the repairs needed to get your car back on the road.
Comprehensive Coverage
This option helps protect your car in covered situations that don't necessarily involve other drivers or vehicles. If your car's damaged by a storm, vandalism, or passive object (such as a tree or a post in a parking garage) which fell and was not caused by collision, Comprehensive can help keep you covered.

Application Methods: Online, Tel
Underwriter: See Underwriters list
Pay Monthly: Yes

Auto Insurance Policies
See website for details
See website for details
1. Discounts for safe drivers.
2. Discounts for safe cars.
3. Discounts for drivers with multiple allstate policies.
4. Discounts for students, seniors and more.

Vehical Info: See website for details
Driver Info: See website for details
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3 Star Rating

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