Nowadays almost everybody carries around at least one electronic gadget, on which usually a lot of money has been spent. Gadget insurance provides protection against financial loss if the gadget gets lost, stolen or damaged. Gadget insurance offers worldwide cover for your devices which you take with you for fun and for work, and replaces them if anything happens to them. Gadget insurance covers a range of items, such as smartphones, laptops, games consoles, navigation systems and more. Different levels of cover are available. To get the right protection, start by using the chart below to see what kinds of policies are available. Check what is included in the policy, how much it costs and compare different Gadget insurance providers. Once you have found the Gadget insurance, which suits your personal requirements best apply directly online in a few simple steps.

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Protection for your valuable gadgets against damage, loss or theft with Gadget insurance

Why does one need Gadget insurance?

Most people nowadays carry around at least one electronic device for fun or for work. Especially mobile phones and laptops can be essential for work, and loss or damage can result in a real problem for the owner, and so it is usually important to have them replaced as fast as possible. Gadget insurance covers for the financial loss and protects expensive electronic devices at home and abroad.

What does Gadget insurance protect?

Gadget insurance protects are all mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones, navigation systems, laptops, kindles, tablets and more. Usually your gadget will be replaced within 48 hours, worldwide. If you insure several gadgets most insurance companies will offer a discount.

Which is the best Gadget insurance policy?

If you compare different Gadget insurance providers, you can find out which policy suits your personal requirements best. Gadget insurance has to cover all electronic devices which you carry around. If you need protection abroad, you should check before, for how long overseas cover is offered. Look around for the best prices and read the terms and conditions carefully to see if there are no hidden fees. Also, make sure you only pay for a protection you actually need.

Gadget insurance policies should cover for theft and accidental loss, and also for damage. This should include damage to the device if gets broken after it has been dropped, as well as damage caused by water. Many Gadget insurances offer cover also for gadgets at home, but make sure that you don't pay for something which already is protected for in your home contents insurance.

How much does Gadget insurance cost?

The costs for Gadget insurance depend mainly on the gadget insured and its value, and also on the kind of level chosen. If you include more than one gadget in a policy, discounts will usually be offered. In addition, the risks included in your Gadget insurance policy will have an effect on the costs as well.

What should I consider before taking out Gadget insurance?

Before purchasing Gadget insurance it is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully to check that on one hand your electronic devices are fully covered, and that on the other hand you don't pay for anything you don't need. Also, it is important to make sure that the costs for Gadget insurance don't exceed the value of the actual device after a short time. And, as mentioned already, check if your device is not covered by your home contents insurance already.

How do I find the best Gadget insurance?

Once you know exactly what cover you need, you should start comparing different offers, using the table above. Compare prices and conditions and what exactly each policy includes. A cheap Gadget insurance does not necessarily mean it is the best – first make sure it really includes everything you need. To apply for Gadget insurance is very easy - just click on “apply” which will take you directly to the website of the insurance company, where you can purchase your insurance usually just in a few simple steps.

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Protection for your valuable gadgets – apply for it on Which Way to Pay

15 January 2014
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The right gadget insurance will protect against the financial loss if a valuable electronic device gets damaged or stolen